Ana Studio is a cozy photo studio in the pretty Wellington, located on the top of a mountain overlooking the sea, just waiting for you to make your favourite photo. 

Created by me, Julia Sabugosa, the ClicKids’s founder, Ana Studio was born from a desire to expand the diverse possibilities of photography.

A curiosity about Ana Studio: during my search for a house to build my photo studio, I fell in love with a place like a little cave, below a house, with full of possibilities. I was convinced that it’d need some repair, but I predicted that it could be the perfect place to be my studio. I had the feeling that beautiful stories would be told there. 

A few days after that visit, the image of the little cave stuck in my mind. Even though I was far from closing the deal, I decided to investigate a name for my new studio, if that cave could be the one. So, I thought about CAVE STUDIO, as a name. The place looked like one, so nothing better than giving it that name. But, I went farther: “why not a nome in Te Reo, as I live in a country where local culture is so valued!”. Thus, when I translated the name cave to Te Reo, the name of my mother showed up: Ana. My mother was an amazing mother and a super-power business woman, that passed away 13 years ago. Even though she is physically absent, she’s been always present. That moment I had the prove that it would be my cave to build my studio, Ana Studio.  And it’s be done! <3 

Ana Studio opens its doors with the certainty that it will be a space for art and creation. 

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And, please, come to visit this cozy photo studio! ­čÖé