Photographer for passion and graduation, mother for love, and actress by training, Julia Sabugosa created ClicKids with the sole goal of turning joyful moments into everlasting memories: a digital time machine.

Julia did her creative acting studies in Brazil, where for 20 years performer in dozens of plays, TV shows, and movies.

Photography has always been part of Julia’s day-to-day. However, along with her much longed-for pregnancy, a strong urge to freeze special moments just kept growing. It was in the US, where the professionalization became natural path in pursuing her dream and so the art and science of framing moments became an indissoluble part of her life.

Julia already lived in Brazil, Portugal, Australia, the US, and today lives in New Zealand. All these different points of view about cultures and their forms of interaction expanded her photographic view about love and connection that exists in each family.

Julia Sabugosa - Bio
                                                                                                                                                                                        By Timothy  Devine